Noracora: My new Summer Outfit.


Noracora, the summer fashion SS22.

Summer is coming and the desire to go to the beach is getting bigger. The sunny days increase, as the temperatures of the air and so we can’t wait to wear beaches dress and colorful clothes.

The women’s fashion spring summer 2022 must have are by beachwear dress in total white or super colorful with yellow, fucsia and green.

I’d like to match some colors together, i like fantasy and i love wear Noracora.

I looking up by internet and i discovery this new brand that wear young women, and mamy with an excellent quality and chip price.

On the i chose 2 Fashion Outfits for my summer days to the beach.

My first Outfit Noracora: White dress & Rhinestone Sandals

In the summer i like to wear comfy, light and fresh dress, especially when i go with my children to the sea. Walking on the beach, is for me the best moment for thinking and relaxing after work.

In this time is perfect because is not to much people and is possible take some nice picture.

In my first Outfit by Noracora i wear this dress and this beautiful sandals.

They are really comfortable and funny. This silver Sandals are buckle open toe rhinestone with elastic band and the effect on the foot is really beautifull.

My second Outfit by Noracora: Flare Sleeve Dress & Petal Sandals.

This colorful woven dress is flare and long sleeve with small white pon pon on V-neck.

Is perfect for all women that love to be stylish without sacrificing comfort. That’s why i don’t like wearing heels and usually prefer the flat sandals. This white pearl and petal sandals are special for any occasions and are very nice on foot.

Tell me if you liked my new Outfit Noracora and which one you prefer, the first or the second.

Supplied post by Noracora.


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